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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

In 1970, Broken Arrow's population was 11,000 and the 1999 estimate is 75,000, making Broken Arrow one of Oklahoma's fastest growing communities for nearly three decades.



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A wide range of fully-developed industrial sites are available: 12 fully-developed business and industry parks offer paved streets, competitive utilities, and several are served by fiber-optic telephone service and a point of presence for digital switching. As Oklahoma's third largest manufacturing city, Broken Arrow is home to 197 manufacturing facilities ranging from flight simulators to natural gas compressors. There are more than 2000 support services. Broken Arrow has the third largest concentration of manufacturers, behind Tulsa and Oklahoma City, respectively.

Broken Arrow truly demonstrates the home of the American Dream and is what leaders of Broken Arrow consider to be "the best of the best places to live." In recent years the Tulsa metro area has been recognized as the "Nation's second best city for livability" by Harper's Magazine and "One of America's best places to live" by U.S. News and World Report. These are actually compliments to Broken Arrow as it has been the fastest growing city in the metropolitan area (and the state) for the past two decades.

Broken Arrow is the fifth largest city in the state with a population of 75,000. It has become the state's third largest manufacturing community (behind Tulsa and Oklahoma City). Broken Arrow does not, however, rank in the top ten cities in the state for per capita crime rate. A respect for traditional family values and religious diversity, a strong public educational system, quality employment opportunities, cultural activities and close access to the large city amenities in Tulsa make Broken Arrow the ideal place to work and live.

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