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  • Authorization for Emergency Care to Minor(s) The Authorization for Emergency Care to Minors should be printed, completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian. This form is authorization by the parent/legal guardian for any medical facility to provide health services to the minor in the absence of a parent/legal guardian. This form should be left with the temporary caregiver of your child. The temporary caregiver will be required to present this form at the time medical care is received. For example, if your child is visiting Grandma and Grandpa this summer, you will want to print, complete and sign this form and leave with Grandma and Grandpa. This will enable them to seek medical care for your child in the event it is necessary. You may also want to leave this form with your summer babysitter, your child’s day care facility or the counselor at your child’s summer camp. The form is valid throughout Oklahoma. You may make additional copies if necessary.

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